Thanksgiving Wine Picks 2017
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Thanksgiving Wine Picks 2017 by Provence WineZine

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: So you want to add a little French flair to this quintessentially American meal? But a wave of anxiety engulfed you when you remembered that seven years ago, UNESCO deemed French gastronomy to be “a world intangible heritage.” The French just know how to do …

Wine Rolle vermentino
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Provençal Wine You Say Rolle, and I Say Vermentino

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: There is no need to call the whole thing off, because we are both right; Rolle and Vermentino grapes are one and the same. The Italians make Vermentino, while those of you in Provence sip Rolle. I truly wish I had a bottle of …

2017 Grape Harvest Provence Southern Rhone
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2017 Grape Harvest in Provence and Southern Rhône + Fall Menus

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: Harvest was early and small but there are Great Expectations. If you live in the South of France, you would have to be living a cave not to know that the 2017 harvest was historically early and small. I was in Provence during harvest time …

Château Romanin Wine Alpilles
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Château Romanin: Two Millennia of Wine and Mystery

Delicious wines, a gorgeous winery and a privileged location in one of the most beautiful spots in France: Château Romanin has it all. It is also a place where wine, religion and mysticism have intersected for centuries. It began with the Greeks, who built a shrine here to the goddess …

wine bottle and glasses Vignobles St Tropez Helicopter Visit
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The Best Vignobles Near Saint Tropez: Fly to Taste Your Wines

The French Riviera is renowned for its rolling hills and outstanding vineyards. Rosé wines are a home-grown specialty, but the splendid whites and reds deserve some attention too. A trip to the Var is incomplete without sampling the local vignobles, particularly if you are heading to St Tropez and Grimaud, …

Belleruche Chapoutier Rosé Peaches Dessert
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Provençal Pairings: Rosé and Peaches for Dessert

Contributor blog post by David Scott Allen for Provence WineZine: I saw a display of Belleruche rosé at my local upscale grocery store. It was new to me and from a region I trust, thus it caught my attention. I was surprised to see it priced at $8.99, so I …

Chateau la Coste Vineyard
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Chateau La Coste New Discoveries at the Vineyard

It has been almost two decades since Anne-Marie Simons and her husband Oscar decided to uproot their Washington, D.C. lifestyle and spend their retirement years in the South of France. They eliminated other alternatives (continents, countries and cities) and chose Aix-en-Provence for its “quality of life.” The city’s attractive combination …

Affordable French Wines AOP Les Baux de Provence
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Mapping France in Wine Bottles: Where to Get Affordable French Wine

Contributor blog post by Jill Barth: If you have the impression that finding affordable wine in France is hard – it is definitely time to revisit that stance. My husband and I have taken several road-trips through France, meeting winemakers and tasting wine – much of it high-quality, AOP wines with …

Cote de Provence Rosé @ProvenceWineZine
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Decoding the Mystery Côtes de Provence Rosé

Contributor blog post by Susan Manfull: There are still people out there who think that rosé comes from blending red and white wines and others who (seriously) think rosé is made from a single grape variety called rosé.This article focuses on the traditionally dry, fresh, fruit-forward, pale-coloured rosés that hail …

Chateau d’Esclans Domaines Sacha Lichine La Motte en Provence, Whispering Angel
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Rosé Wine: Provence’s Most Alluring Angel – Whispering Angel

Contributor blog post by Jemma: “You drink more [rosé] than a heavy red or an acidic white,” Tom says from his doorstep perch inside Château d’Esclans. That’s “one of the delightful qualities” of this type of wine, he says. It’s the best sort of marketing strategy for a winery: a …