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By Susan Manfull Oysters are everywhere in Provence this time of year. Often likened to the American turkey at Thanksgiving, oysters—along with foie gras and caviar—are an integral part of the holidays in France. Half of the country’s annual production of oysters is consumed between Christmas and New Year’s Day. …

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Christmas in the Provence Vines

By Chrissie I’m still getting used to a Northern Hemisphere Christmas. Yes, I’m one of those strange people from the south who thinks Christmas should be hot, spent outside by the barbeque, enjoying a traditional festive menu of prawns and mangoes, before an afternoon swim to cool off. Explore this Post …

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Autumn in the Bellet Vines

By Chrissie An Afternoon in the Bellet Vines in photos by Javiera Ramirez Discover the vineyards of Bellet in their their full Autumn splendour – The post Autumn in the Bellet Vines appeared first on Explore this Post Via:: The Riviera Grapevine       

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Millévin Wine Festival Thursday in Avignon

By Julie Mautner Everybody grab your breathalyzer! It’s time once again for Millévin, the annual festival in Avignon celebrating the primeur (early or new) wines and other Côtes du Rhône vintages. Primeur, in this case, refers to wines sold in the year the grapes are harvested. The idea is similar …

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Do-it-Yourself Bellet Wine Tour

By Chrissie One of the most common search terms which brings visitors to this blog is Bellet wine tours (or variants on the theme). It’s also the subject that I receive the most emails and messages about. It’s fantastic to see that so many people coming to Nice want to …

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Chateau la Coste a Go Casual for Lunch

Chateau la Coste beckoned! It has been at least two years since my last visit to the vineyard owned by Paddy McKillen, an Irishman with a love for Provence, wine and contemporary art and architecture. I made up for my lack of attendance with two lunchtime visits this summer.

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It’s Time to Make the Wine

By Deborah It’s time to make wine in France. Remember the TV ad for Dunkin’ Donuts: “It’s time to make the donuts!”  It’s time to make wine in France. Unusually cool weather over the summer months caused a late grape harvest. (“La vendange”) Explore this Post Via:: Barefoot Blogger       

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Wednesday’s Wine: Reporting from the Riviera (part 1)

By PestoPistou As you may have gathered, we spent some time on the Riviera last week and before leaving home I had booked in visits to a couple of my favourite vineyards. Cue much yawning from the children. So this Wednesday’s Wine post describes how we got on at Saint …

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Exploring Local Vineyards: Useful Press Kit and a One-day Rally

By aixcentric Saturday 20th September is the deadline for enrolling for the Sainte-Victoire Wine Rally which is great fun. But just before I post details of that, here is something interesting that I have just found which should appeal to wine-lovers in Aix. It’s a 17 page press kit, in …